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Ready To Finally Grow Your Business?

Mike Jackson

Ask any business owner and they’ll tell that their most valuable asset is their loyal customers. Then ask them what they are doing to grow this asset, and most will tell you it’s their quality products and great service that brings their customers back.

But, isn’t that a given? Shouldn’t every business be providing quality products and great service?

Businesses that sell inferior products and are indifferent to service don’t survive in the new economy where consumers can freely share experiences of shoddy products and service on social media.


Growing a loyal customer base doesn’t just happen, it must be an integral part of the businesses marketing plan.


So, how can a business grow a loyal customer base quickly?

Everyone loves to be appreciated, especially on their birthdays and anniversary. They love to be recognised as VIPs at the businesses they visit.

To take advantage of the human need to belong and to be appreciated we use our proprietary software to collect the contact details, birthdays and anniversaries of new and existing customers who come to the business.

How the VIP Loyalty Club system works.

  • Remarketing with coupon offers
    • Our software automates the sending of trackable ‘appreciation’ coupons to customers and then follows up by SMS and email to remind them to redeem their coupons.
    • The transaction values of the redeemed coupons are tracked and accurate ROI data compiled for every campaign.
  • Loyalty Rewards
    • The redeemed coupons are tracked in a loyalty campaign that rewards customers when they reach specified targets. The software sends emails and SMS messages when milestones are reached to encourage customers to come in more often. 

All our systems are efficient, measurable and accountable, which eliminates the uncertainty that’s associated with traditional advertising.

Ready To Finally
Grow Your Business?

To See The Customer Acquisition & Retention Demo

Text vip to +27 600 702 703

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